I wanted to share a little conversation I had with Archangel Michael the other day.  I am currently taking a break at the moment from doing healing sessions after a psychic attack that almost wiped out all of my energy. During that attack, I fell so down and deep into darkness that I have never experienced before in my life. It was terrifying. Yet at the same time it tested me in so many ways and me made me realize I am much stronger than I thought. It also showed me the places in myself where I need to work on.

So the past couple of weeks, I’ve been doing a lot of healing, self care and self love to restore my energy back. Slowly but surely I am clearing away all the yucky gunk from my chakras and beginning to see the bright and glowy energy inside of me again. The numbness in my heart is also going away as well.

A few days ago, I was having some fears and doubts of whether I want to go back to doing healing sessions and also doing Periscope and Youtube videos again. I was also trying to think of all the ways I could still help people but at the same time not draw too much attention to myself so I don’t “shine too bright”. I was even considering applying to teach English and hide in some faraway village from all internet access and help the people there and disappear from the online world forever. FOREVER!! I’m dramatic, I know.

But Archangel Michael said some very wise words to me. He said, “This is not the first time the darkness tried to get you. All those times in your life when you were bullied and abused were also attacks. But every single time you picked yourself back up and came back stronger. Every experience taught you more forgiveness, compassion and understanding. A bright light can never truly hide. You came here to shine and spread love to the world.”

That was still not very convincing for me until he said, “What if all the bright lights decided to stop shining? What if they all decided to shrink back and hide out of fear?. What would the world be like?”

I thought about it… No Oprah? No Deepak Chopra? No Gabby Bernstein? Marianne Williamson ? Etc etc etc. I thought about it some more… Yikes.

A very scary and dark world it would be.

Fine. Archangel Michael. You win. Again.

I will shine my light bright. Brighter than ever before. I will spread love, hope, joy, inspiration, sparkles and happiness to the world again. Starting with this blog post.