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Flow through 2018!

Start 2018 in a fun and flowy way by learning to trust your intuition and set intentions for the New Year!

In this fun workshop, you will learn how to intuitively DIY your own 12 month card reading for 2018!

We will do a powerful group healing to support you in grounding into the earth, centering (calling your energy back to you) and raising your energy vibration to be a clear channel to source!

The group healing will also include clearing blocks, fears, limiting beliefs etc related to being a clear intuitive channel, trusting & having confidence in yourself and your abilities! I will be tuning into the energy of our group for this healing!

Grounding, centering and raising your vibration & consciousness are the key components to receiving clear intuitive guidance.

We will be channeling God (Source, Higher Power, Universe whichever word you resonate with) along with your high self, spirit team, angels, Mother Earth and other high vibrational energies of Source.

We will set your own personal intentions for 2018 and go over tips and techniques to receive intuitive guidance while using your oracle/tarot card deck!

This workshop is for you if you:

-Feel called to strengthen your connection with Source, to your own inner guidance and to Mother Earth. (The stronger your connection, the easier & clearer you will be in receiving guidance).  The connection does not end after the workshop. You will take this connection into your daily life and feel more love and support than ever before!

-Ready to feel empowered in creating an amazing 2018 through soulful intention!

-Ready to feel deeply supported by Source and your spirit team (angels, guides and other beings of love that you resonate with).

-Desire to feel more confident in trusting and receiving intuitive guidance!

– Desire to learn the skills to accurately interpret messages from Source using an oracle cards.. I will be sharing the process I use in receiving intuitive guidance for my clients who love them and find the guidance spot-on!

– Ready to have fun with oracle cards and receive intuitive guidance through them – as well as learn how to perform readings for your family & friends. Oracle cards can be a wonderful tool to have on hand when you are seeking clarity and direction – you will start to develop that relationship in this workshop.

-Want to connect with like minded lightworkers who want to make the world a better place! Being together in this galactical energy is so powerful, supportive and fun! The energy amplifies in a group setting!

Tools you will need for the workshop:

A set of Oracle or Tarot cards (either one is fine as long as it has pictures!)

A notebook & pen for taking notes

Open mind & open heart to learn, grow and have fun!! =)

Optional- (fun to have around but not necessary)

Have your favorite crystals, essential oils, flowers, candles etc. around you that help lift your spirits and feel good

This 90 min online workshop will be held on January 4th, 2018 at 4pm PST (7pm EST)

If you’re not able to make it live, there will be a replay and you will still benefit! For the group healing, I will be tuning into everyone who signs up whether you are live or not. Then you can follow along at your own pace at a time that works for you. 

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$111 workshop only


$297 VIP option

(includes workshop and a 60 min 1 on 1 intuitive guidance & healing session with Lindsey!)

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