Pet Healing

Healing for Pets!

Do you ever wish you could communicate with your pet and know what your pet is thinking when he/she doesn’t seem happy, or something seems to be bothering him/her?

As an intuitive and psychic channeler, I am able to help you know what’s going on with your pet!

Pets can have stuck energy, blocks and fear like humans do!

Animals are very sensitive beings that provide us so much love and healing just by agreeing to spend their lives with us! However, oftentimes being in a domesticated environment, our animals start taking on and absorbing energies that are foreign to them, and they get confused. Their energy starts creating blocks in the same way we create blocks, however sometimes they’re not able to be aware of them to clear them in the way we are (or rather, in the way we could).

Another way pets can have blocked energy is when they were abandoned shelter pets. Usually these animals will have sadness and fearful energy stored within them from being abandoned, making them prone to anxiety or to act out aggressively and misbehave. Oftentimes a simple clearing can be all they need to understand what’s going on and bring out their natural loving tendencies!

There are reasons why your pet has chosen to be with you, perhaps they wanted to have a life pampered by your love, or they knew you would need their support in this lifetime. If your pet is having a problem, you can do something about it by supporting him/her with a healing session!

How it All Works:

Once you make your payment, I will send you a questionnaire to help me get an idea of what’s going on with your pet. I will also need a photo of your pet to help me connect easily with him/her. I ask your pet for full permission to proceed with the session. During the Skype or phone call, I communicate simultaneously with your pet and the angels to channel messages they have for you. Your pet usually will have messages for you, and the angels let me know if there are things going on overall for them, in their body or otherwise. Your pet does not need to be with you during the session. 

I perform an energy scan and sometimes your pet has misalignment in their body or blocks – either from taking on absorbing energy in the household or from other places and people, past lives, or just energetic misalignment in the body. I work with the angels to clear all of these, and give you suggestions on how to keep their energy clear.

After the healing, your pet may take a few days to assimilate the healing, and during this time I’m available to receive a check-in on how your pet is doing and if you have any additional questions, I can evaluate whether another session would be beneficial for your pet, or just a simple adjustment/suggestion.

Pet Healing Session Includes:

  • Questionnaire to help me get an idea of what is going on with your Pet
  • 45 min session via Skype or over the phone
  • A Follow-up email exchange to let me know how your pet is doing and if another session is required or recommended

Your Investment: $60

Some fun experiences:

  • I sometimes also receive information about the spiritual life of your pet! One of my clients’ cat is actually spiritually a rabbit, so that piece of information finally explained to her why he always loved eating broccoli and carrots, and I received that he actually preferred to have more veggies in his food.
  • One of my clients got a pet healing for a shelter dog who would get aggressive and try to attack people wearing gloves. It was because his previous owner was abusive and that person wore gloves. I helped the dog clear the energy and explained to him that gloves didn’t mean the person was going to abuse him. The following week, on a dog walk, a stranger wearing gloves fed the dog and was able to pet him! 
  • Another pet healing I did was on a dog that was having trouble moving his limbs. He was taken to the vet where the doctor told the owners that he had some brain problem, but that he didn’t know what to do about it. I communicated with the angels and indeed saw something in his brain that was related to a past life. I helped removed the energetic block in his brain and he was able to walk again!


As you can see, I absolutely love and adore the animals and doing healings for them! If your pet has something going on, I highly recommend getting a session to help clear his/her energy!

The angels are looking forward to assisting your pet with their healing abilities and love!

If you have any questions, you can email me at