Are you ready to share your magic with the world?

Dear empath, lightworker, creative, artist, healer and or heart centered entrepreneur,

You have the deep calling to use your creative and/or healing gifts and abilities to make an impact on the world!

You have a compassionate heart and love giving, helping and supporting others!

But sometimes having such a big vision can feel overwhelming and stressful.

Sometimes it’s tiring to give so much all the time.

Sometimes fears/limiting beliefs/excuses come up and keep you from moving forward in doing what you truly want to do and create in the world.

“Oh I’m not good enough to do that. “

“I don’t have what it takes.”

“I’m not confident enough. Talented enough. Smart enough.”

“I don’t have enough experience.”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

You may even have the greatest intentions. You create dreams boards, meditate daily and read all the self improvement books out there but despite your best efforts you are not seeing the results.



Because of subconscious beliefs, fears and blocks in your energy. For example, On the conscious level you may want to have a healthy and happy relationship. However, on an energetic & emotional level you may have deep wounds in your heart that require healing. You may also have subconscious beliefs that contradict your conscious ones.

Some examples of how energy blocks, limiting beliefs or fears can affect your life:

Attracting the same situations over and over

Feeling stuck and frustrated

Having a difficult time letting go of the past

Holding on to hurt and grudges

Self sabotaging / self punishment  tendencies

Negative thought patterns, negative beliefs and addictions

Not feeling respected and or appreciated

Fears that keep you from doing what you truly desire

Feeling tired and or drained

Feeling anxious and overwhelmed

Health issues

On top of that, the world is shifting so quickly as we as individuals and as a collective continue to rise in consciousness and awareness. Energetically we are upgrading and releasing  at a rapid rate. Old emotions, thought patterns, limiting beliefs and fears are surfacing up to be released once and for all.

It’s incredible how quickly things are moving but at the same time it can feel overwhelming, stressful and even a bit scary.

Wouldn’t it be great to have on going support during this amazing and sometimes challenging time to help you move forward, create the amazing life you desire and help inspire others!


This is why I was called to create Sparkling Souls!

In this monthly membership program you will receive, ongoing support through powerful energy work and mindset work. You will also learn & develop tools and techniques to empower your to create powerful shifts and transformations in your life.

This membership program includes:


3 x 60 min live energy clearing/upgrades/healing each month. We will meet online through Zoom on Thursdays at 4pm PST. If you are not able to make it live, no problem! There will be a recording available and you will still receive 100% benefits when watching the recording.


Also included is a supportive community to share and make like minded friends in a private Facebook group!

How do these sessions work?


I facilitate these sessions by tuning into every person in our group in alignment with the universe. I use a variety of tools and techniques depending on what is needed at that time. I have learned these techniques over the past 5 years as well as developed my own through working with my high self and my spirit team.


These group sessions are powerful and transformative. Things that may have been holding you back for weeks, months or even years can be released in a matter of minutes. It’s amazing what the power if energy work can do and at the same time it’s not because we are all made of energy. Everything is made of energy.

Some of these techniques include:


Help restore life force energy within you. When your energy flow is healthy you will experience more love, joy, peace and good health.

Angel healing

(Working with angels to help heal and release specific issues)

Nature healing

(Working with nature to help heal and release specific issues)

Energy clearing

Releasing specific fears

(When I tune into your energy and the energy of our group I can pick up on specific fears that we have as a collective and as individuals.

Examples of fears I have helped clients with are: fear of getting hurt, fear of failure, fear of being seen).

Releasing specific energetic blocks

(could be blocks to things like love, health, relationships money etc that hold you back having a life you truly desire)

Releasing specific limiting beliefs

( beliefs that you may have took on from your parents, past experiences, past lives , ancestors , society etc that are not of your highest good. For example,  “I don’t deserve love.” “I am not beautiful.” A lot of times you may not even be aware you have these beliefs. But they are operating in the background and can cause struggle , pain and frustration in your life. )

Past life healing

(Releasing energy/blocks/fears from other lifetime that may be affecting this current lifetime)

Chakra / meridians/ energetic centers  

(Clearing & balancing the different energy centers of the body)

Physical body healing through energy

(Clearing, balancing, restoring specific organs/muscles/systems in the body through energy work)

Inner child Healing

(Healing and releasing pain, fears and limiting beliefs from childhood. When we are children we are very vulnerable and innocent so we absorb beliefs and fears from our surroundings.)

Heart healing

(Healing the heart of past pain and trauma. Allowing more love, joy and abundance. Through my own experience and witnessing it in my clients, heart healing is on going no matter where you are in your life. Going deeper within, revealing more parts of you and allowing even deeper levels of love, joy and abundance that you never thought was possible. )

And more depending on what needs to be healed/released/cleared/upgraded!

Some examples of things that may come up in our group sessions can include:

Self love!

When I say self love, I don’t mean buy yourself flowers and take a bath with candles , I mean real deep as the ocean soul love. Love so deep that it resonates in your entire being. When you truly love yourself, you automatically begin to take care of yourself and treat yourself well.

Self love is not something you do. It’s something that you embody.

Through energy work we will help you access these deeper parts of you. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Whether you have been practicing self love for years or just beginning, the sessions will help you to go to your own personal next level of self love.


This is something many sensitive souls and lightworkers have challenge with. I personally struggled with this most my life so I especially know how important it is to be grounded!

Through each session as you release more of your blocks, fears and limiting beliefs and pain of the past, you will notice a stronger connection to your body and to mother earth. The connection to yourself continues to deepen. It’s a beautiful and loving process.

When you feel that deep support within you and around you, life is you will feel more at ease and peace. You will be more focused. You will have more energy. Less fear, more faith and flow.

Sharing your gifts and abilities with the world!

You have so many unique gifts that are meant for you to use for yourself and for making a positive impact on the world!

Through these group sessions together, you will continue uncovering more of your gifts and have the confidence to share them brightly with the world.

There are so many layers when it comes to healing. Even though I am using many of my gifts to help clients all around the world, through consistent energy work on myself , I continue to uncover deeper and deeper layers of my gifts and abilities. I also continue to uncover new ones! New awareness and new insights that bring so much magic, love, peace and bliss in my life and my business.

These are just a few examples and we will be covering so much in our sessions together!!

What’s  unique about this program?

I do not pre-plan sessions. I tune in to your energy and the energy of our group in alignment with the universe! Each session is unique.

This is powerful energy work connecting you deeper to the innate wisdom of your body and your soul.

Your body is super intelligent and knows exactly what it requires to support you in living your greatest life and/or run your amazing heart centered business.

You also have access to innate knowledge, wisdom and guidance when you connect deeper to who you truly are.

You will experience shifts and changes in your outer world. In your life , your work, your appearance, your relationships and your health!

Through these on going sessions we will help you access deeper and deeper parts of you. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Whether you are years in or just beginning, the sessions will help you to go to your own personal next level and beyond!

You will experience what it truly means to be the creator of your reality! (Note: It is not just a pretty quote on Instagram or some saying you find on your Yogi Tea).

I also want to emphasize that in these sessions I am not healing you. What I am doing is helping you to release what is no longer serving you and in doing so bringing awareness to your authentic truth and your body’s ability to heal itself. You are your own healer! You will also learn tools & techniques that will empower you to be authentically true to YOU!

I truly believe in the power of on going energetic support. Even though I am able to do energy work on myself, I also receive weekly energetic sessions from other energy workers. Having that external support in combination with my own internal support has moved mountains in my life.

This program is for you if:

You’re ready to create a life and or business that your truly desire!

You’re ready to flow through life with more ease and grace

You’re ready to do life in your own way on your own terms

You’re ready for vibrant health!

You’re ready for amazing, loving and supportive relationships with yourself, and loved ones.

You’re ready to feel really good in your body

You’re ready to feel confident , empowered and  at ease being your authentic self.

You’re ready to share your truth, your gifts and abilities with the world!

You’re ready to share your truth, your gifts and abilities with the world!

You’re ready for abundance in all areas of your life !

You’re ready for love in all areas of your life !

You’re ready to sparkle and shine bright and be unapologetically you!
You ready for your next level. And your next level and beyond! This is an on going program so you will continue upgrading.

If this is calling to you. If you’re feeling the sparkles and magic! Let’s do this!!

This membership program includes:

3 x 60 min live energy clearing/upgrades each month. We will meet online through Zoom on Thursdays at 4pm PST. If you are not able to make it live, no problem! There will be a recording available and you will still receive 100% benefits when watching the recording.

A supportive community to share and make like minded friends in a private Facebook group. (You do not need a Facebook group to join this program as all sessions will be done on Zoom. The Facebook group is a place where you can share insights with your fellow lightworkers)

Why is there a minimum commitment?  The minimum commitment is 3 months because this is an investment to yourself. To be invested and committed to creating an amazing life for you, your loved ones, your family and the world. Consistency and commitment are the keys to creating change. Commit to yourself. Commit to doing consistent inner and outer work and you will see powerful transformations in your life and or business! )

The first 4 people to sign up by February 14th  will receive a 20 minute one on one session with Lindsey!

The first 20 people to sign up by February 20th will receive a bonus special group healing themed around all things love! Loving yourself, compassion, joy, gratitude. Allowing more love in your life. Allowing more love in your relationships. Allowing more love in all that you do. Infusing your entire mind, body and soul with LOVE! (in honor of Valentine’s Day this month!)

Sparkling Souls officially starts on March 1st! Our first group session will be on March 1st 4pm PT!

I’m so excited to be on this journey with you! Let’s sparkle the world. =)