“I booked a session with Lindsey when I found myself in a period of stagnancy – a time where I felt trapped between where I was (the ‘old’) and where I was moving towards (the exciting, more aligned ‘new’).
With no idea what was next for me – which in itself was very foreign to me – as I am usually someone who gets clear and into action very quickly! – I knew it would feel really supportive for me to receive Lindsey’s support. 

In our session, her powerful energy work combined with intuitive insights and powerful inquiry felt like exactly what I needed. Every word and insight she picked up was spot-on, and her insights were incredibly helpful in helping me find my own way.

I learnt so much from her in just one session – for example, things I thought couldn’t be meant for ‘me’ that turned out to be my greatest strengths.

I loved learning more about connecting with my guides and superpower, as Lindsey calls it!


I am blown away by all the value that Lindsey brings in such a short amount of time. Before working with Lindsey, I was feeling frustrated, stuck, tired, and drained in my day-to-day – and after our session and implementing the work, I’ve started to feel more grounded, aligned, clear, on purpose again.

She is the real deal! I highly recommend experiencing her work through her offerings – it is almost hard to describe in words what she is able to do, yet the results and changes after the experience speak for themselves.”


Jia Ni Teo 
Success Coach to Creative Entrepreneurs


“Accepting and stepping fully into who I am in this world was the greatest gift working with Lindsey gave me.

My life was fine when I met Lindsey and started working with her; as a motivated, passionate individual, I was doing well with self-work and family healing, my marketing consulting business started off with great results, and I was financially very well off. I started working with Lindsey because I was curious about how all this looked from a larger perspective, and I wanted to connect deeper with myself on a spiritual level. What I discovered from working with Lindsey expanded my life completely! I never realized just how much of a rockstar I am with my gifts, and my sessions with Lindsey allowed me to fully acknowledge, accept, and step fully into them.


It has been such a blessing to realize, for instance, that my gifts in marketing are actually powerful intuitive gifts. Knowing this has given me the confidence to own, acknowledge, and express them a lot more, bringing my greater gifts and healing to the world. I also discovered how much hurt and pain was tucked away from a previous ended relationship that was holding me back from expressing myself. Throughout the course of my healing sessions with Lindsey, I gifted myself with a custom-made guitar, and started playing guitar and singing again after not having done so for over six years, and began composing music again. 


All of this came from really being able to recognize and know who I am, and appreciating that – that’s what Lindsey lovingly and patiently helped me with, working to find all these limiting beliefs I did not know I even had! Lindsey is such a cheerleader, healer, and loving presence in anyone’s life – I highly recommend booking just one session with her to have her help you see who you really are, and step fully into it!”


Catt Kaizen, Storybased Marketing Consultant and Copywriter

“Ever since my session with Lindsey, I feel like my intentions have been set in accelerated motion! She helped me lift huge emotional and spiritual blocks that kept me stagnant in my professional work. Over the course of these past few months, I was able to establish my position as an artist with my company, and have been blessed with better responsibilities and a raise! It’s easier to recognize where I hold myself back, so I can move forward and continue living in purposeful alignment. There are still old habits that I’m working through, but I feel much more able to manage and redirect them. Thank you Lindsey! I’m forever grateful!!”

Sincerely, Jackie

“One session with Lindsey changed my outlook in life for the better. Before, I wasn’t loving myself as much as I would’ve liked. Part of that came from my lack of healthy boundaries with others, not being able to say no when I really wanted to and doing things that I really did not want to do.

After the session, I felt my energy become stronger and more in my power. I am now able to stand up for myself, and there was an energetic shift between me and people who were previously taking advantage of my goodwill.

I feel more connected to my body, more focused, grounded and joyful.  I also feel more lively like my inner spark is back!  Thank you, Lindsey for your professionalism, for your insights, and thank you for helping me open up my heart again!”

– Ames

Before working with Lindsey, I felt tired, depressed, worrisome, unsure of myself and undisciplined. Immediately, Lindsey was able to tune in to see what was going on within me and my energy. She taught me how to effectively connect to my spirit guides and angels. Connection to my spiritual team led to my being able to widen and deepen my compassion for people, nature and animals in general.

During the months we worked together, the flow of life became easier as it seemed I was able to miraculously manifest what I needed. Things started “showing up” and “showing out”, confirming to me that the sessions with Lindsey was powerful and working.

Moments that were magical and synchronic took place, showing me that I was making progress and on the right track. Lindsey was available to lend advice and support whenever I needed to share my “aha” moments.

After completing this awesome  program, I feel less anxious, calmer, healthier, happier, empowered. Some of the difficulties that were present in my life have disappeared. Forgiving and letting things go is not such a challenge for me now.

My intuition is much stronger and I know without hesitation, that it will continue to grow.  Listen to your body is not a cliché that I take for granted anymore because I was taught how to trust the messages I was receiving.

I have acquired more discipline and am more consistent in several areas of my life. The “gem” of notes I took during my sessions will always come in handy for future reference. Lindsey, it was an awesome experience working with you! Thank you so very much!”


“I’ve had 4 sessions with Lindsey and they were all deeply transformational. It’s hard to describe everything that shifted, but I feel like a different person compared to how I felt 8 months ago – different in the best way possible. My life purpose is much more clear, my relationships are better, my relationship with myself is so much healthier! My psychic abilities developed, Lindsey helped me release so many fears and blocks from current and previous lifetimes! Now I feel empowered to do and say things that would absolutely terrify me 8 months ago.

I’m also feeling much more grounded, aligned and unblocked.

Lindsey also worked with my mom and I’ve seen the changes that happened to her after the sessions and it’s truly amazing.

Lindsey has a beautiful energy, she is very sweet and gifted. And I’m so grateful I accidentally found her on Periscope (although I’m sure it was not accidental at all lol) and so grateful to Lindsey for all the healing and progress she helped me achieve!”

-Lots of love, Daria

“Lindsey is an absolute joy to work with, I would recommend her to anyone looking for a deep healing. As I healer, I am selective about who I receive healing from. I immediately felt at peace and safe to do some work the moment I heard her voice on the other end. Lindsey is warm and fuzzy, light and lovely; yet she knows EXACTLY what she is doing. She is so intuitive and leads the journey with so much grace and brightness. I felt empowered, lighter, more clear and super grounded after our session and continue to feel more aligned with my truth and in tune with my power. Thank you so much Lindsey!”

Alyssa Campo



“In 2013 I started to lose sight of who I was and spiraling downward rapidly, to the point where my spirit was completely broken. Filled with sadness, depression and low self esteem was not good, being that I have always been that happy, loving, caring person who people wanted to be around. That lasted until 2016 when something led me to Lindsey via periscope.

She was playing a guessing game in which I had won a free angel reading from. It was amazing to me because everything she read was exactly how I had been feeling, and when she mentioned I would be seeing a sign from the Angels, I had already received that sign near my bed before I received the reading. That was absolutely mind blowing. She also mentioned headache around the 3rd eye area exactly where I have been hurting for days. That’s when I decided to book my session.

The day of my session, I was fighting a horrible cold and was doubtful that I would feel any different after. The very next day though I felt as if layers upon layers of heavy dark energy were being peeled and lifted off me. I began to feel lighter, happy and joyful. Thank you so much for crossing my path, and unblocking my spirit Lindsey.”


“I was only barely existing in life. Living with depression and no will to live and not wanting to face other people.

I came across Lindsey on Periscope, and really enjoyed watching her work, the uplifting messages she had for everyone, and how contagious her laugh was. I would smile and feel happy just watching.

Around Christmas time, I decided to try out a session with Lindsey. I had no idea what to ask for help for, even with all my issues!

Lindsey quickly knew exactly what I needed help with! It was so strange, after the session, I just kept feeling happier and more alive. I cannot emphasize this enough. It feels so good to be free and feel love again!

I now book sessions with Lindsey to continue to better my life in so many ways!”

– Forever grateful to Lindsey, Karen

“Lindsey has an amazing gift. My session with her was so relaxing and insightful. Afterwards I felt much calmer and my life opened up in places I felt stuck. My creativity is back and my life feels much more fluid than before. I feel so inspired now. I am so grateful! I feel a lot more love and happiness in my life after the session!”

– Peace and love,  Annette.”

“Lindsey created an environment where I felt comfortable to ask questions and share my thoughts, without feeling rushed. I was intrigued and blown away by the information Lindsey unfolded regarding my past lives, giving credence to my focus to expand and grow my spiritual knowledge, while maintaining good health and happiness. After my session, I felt extremely energized, uplifted and rejuvenated. I would describe the session as honest, insightful, very informative and fun; a healing experience that I highly recommend. I am positive my experience will lead to more bookings with Lindsey.” – C.L.

“Hi Lindsey! Just wanted to express my appreciation for the healing that you channeled for my well-being tonight! I was blown away at how you were able to pinpoint the areas in my life that needed clearing, articulate the reason(s) why these difficulties/repeating negative patterns/blocks may have originated and energetically clear these areas.

I definitely feel so much lighter and would highly recommend my friends and family to get a healing!!!! It was an amazing experience- Thank you again for sharing this wonderful healing!!!!:)”

– Lisa